Equipment Package

Rent To Own Program

Product Description

“Rent to Own Program”

Owning your own personal Scuba Equipment is important for Safety and Enjoyment.

We understand that sometimes coming up with the $1500 plus dollars for an Equipment Package can be difficult.

That’s why we created our “Rent to Own Program”.

Here’s How It Works:

 Pick out your Bcd, Regulator, Alternate, gauges or Computer.

Give us a 50% deposit and you have up to 3 months to pay the balance off.

That’s It!

You equipment stays at Scuba Outfitters until it’s paid off.

If you wish to go diving during that time you can pick up your equipment, use it on your dive trip, and return it cleaned and dry to Scuba Outfitters.

 Price Match!

If you find the Exact Equipment Package at another Authorized Dealer for less, prior to purchasing your equipment, we can usually match their price.

Equipment package price quotes are available upon request.