Scuba Regulator / BCD Services

Scuba Regulator / BCD Services

 Scuba Outfitters has the ability Repair and Maintain all brands of Scuba Diving Equipment.

We use a company called Air Tech Scuba Services for all of our major life support equipment servicing. Air Tech is able to honor all manufacture warranties and replace damaged parts with original parts to spec.

Some dive centers don’t agree with outsourcing Scuba equipment repair.  A little known fact is that dive centers are only certified to service and get parts for the brands that they sell!  If the dive center does not sell the manufacturer of your regulator they can not repair your equipment with original parts!

                  How often should you have your Scuba Regulator serviced?

 Obviously, we are BIG fans of Reasonable and Regular Service Intervals. But this is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Variables include the number of dives, field maintenance, care, & reg make/model, etc. Most manufacturers recommend One Year Repair Intervals and Some use the number of dives.  

We suggest the following rule of thumb: Never dive your regulator if you don’t trust it to perform flawlessly, especially in an unanticipated out-of-air emergency where a much greater demand is placed on your Regulator.. If you don’t believe it is in this condition, have it serviced.

 Scuba Regulator Services

 Regulator Servicing:

  • First Stage – $29.50*
  • Second Stage – $29.50*
  • Alt Second Stage – $29.50*

*Service prices include Labor Only. Any parts or parts kits not covered by the warranty are not included in the service price.

Hose Replacement:

  • Low Pressure $28.95* Standard $44.00* Braided
  • High Pressure $42.95* Standard $52.00* Braided

*Hose prices may vary based on length, material, and manufacturer.

BCD Services:

  • Clean and Inspect BCD: $25 (Does not include replacement parts.)
  • BCD Standard Inflator Service: $25 (Includes parts and labor.)

Computer Services:

  • Battery Change $5 (Does not include replacement battery.)