Private PADI Open Water Scuba Course

Private PADI Open Water Scuba Course

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Scuba Outfitters’, Private PADI Open Water Scuba Course, is perfect for anyone wanting to Learn to Scuba Dive Without Distractions, One on One with an Instructor, and Most Importantly Based on your Own Schedule!

Scuba Outfitters’ Private PADI Open Water Scuba Course consists of:

  • Online Home Study, featuring PADI’s Online Scuba Class
  • Two Pool Sessions lasting about Three Hours Each (Usually completed in one day)
  • Two days of Diving on the Beautiful Coral Reefs in Key Largo, Fl.

Included in your Private PADI Open Water Scuba Course: 

  • PADI Online Class
  • Rental of a Weight Integrated BCD (No weight-belt or weight purchase required)
  • Rental of an Atomic Regulator System
  • Instructor Time
  • Two Pool Sessions
  • Certification card
  • Four Dives in Key Largo, Florida

Students must Provide/Purchase their own:

(For Safety Reasons; Equipment that is Outdated or Lesser Quality Snorkel Sets sold at major retailers will not be allowed in class.  These items are very important and specific in fit to each diver.  Since we will be training onsite, if any pieces of equipment are not fitting properly, you can try other sizes.)

All of Scuba Outfitters’ Students receive a 10% Discount on all items purchased. (Unfortunately we are unable to discount GoPro, Tanks, Weights, Trips, or Classes.)


  • One Private Student: $1500
  • Two Private Students: $2000
  • A deposit of only $500 pp is required to reserve your Private PADI Open Water Course. (Your balance is not due to Scuba Outfitters until your first pool session.)

If you have any questions or wish to reserve your Private PADI Open Water Course, please feel free to contact Scuba Outfitters at 239-280-5500 or

We look forward to diving with you soon!