Emergency First Response Course

PADI Emergency First Response Course

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PADI Emergency First Response Course

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The PADI Emergency First Response Course is open to and recommended for everyone.
Get the training that could save a life!

In a medical emergency, your trained, proper response could mean the difference to the survivability of the patient.  When a patient is a family member or close friend, proper training takes on a more significant meaning.

The Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid) courses teach individuals how to provide emergency care for someone in need.  These courses make learning EASY by providing a non-stressful environment in which participants practice and apply emergency care skills.

This course is designed to: 1) help participants remember appropriate emergency care procedures during times of need, and 2) encourage them to apply those procedures by assisting those needing emergency care.

Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care courses are based on internationally recognized medical guidelines for emergency care – guidelines produced through a consensus process of practicing professionals in the emergency medical field.  Educationally, the courses reflect a well-researched instructional design for this type of training.

The Emergency First Response certification is valid for two years.  A refresher course is available for those individuals wishing to practice skills or update their certification.

The Emergency First Response course is taught in one 4-hour session.

Included in the Class:

  • Primary and Secondary Care for Adults Book
  • Use of Emergency First Response for Adults DVD
  • Instructor Time
  • Certification Card
  • Use of all training aides

To sign up for a class or if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 239-280-5500 or stop by Scuba Outfitters and sign up with one of our friendly Instructors.