atomic ff splitfins
Atomic ff yellow

Atomic Full Foot Split Fins

$ 89.95

Product Description

Atomic Full Foot Split Fins

The Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Split Fins are expertly designed to provide an easy-to-kick experience while swimming, diving, and snorkeling. The split fin design opens up into a “wing” that helps eliminating leg strain and fatigue.

Atomic Full Foot Split Fin Features:

  • Power rails – As the backbone of your fin, the power rails store and release energy with every swim kick
  • Split Blade – Slices through the water and reduces drag, helps prevent leg fatigue when swimming
  • Power plate – Internal foot sole allows for maximum power transfer to the fin blade while maintaining a soft fin pocket
  • HIgh surface ration blade – Large surface area design improves pivoting and alternate kicking styles while swimming
  • Available in black and yellow
  • Sizes: 4.5 – 14