Neosport Waterman Jacket
Neosport Waterman John

Neosport Waterman John & Jacket (Standard Neoprene)

$ 180.00

Product Description

 Waterman John & Jacket (Standard Neoprene)


Sizes S-3XL   


3mm: $140.00 (John & Jacket)

5mm: $160.00 (John & Jacket)

7mm: $180.00 (John & Jacket)

“Waterman”, a name given to the person who works or spends his life on, in, or around the water.  We couldn’t think of a better name for our new 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm John and Jacket combinations. From it’s diamond plate knee pads, to the trident waterman logo, this suit is all business.  Designed to be used and abused.  The best part is it’s an incredible value, so replacing a suit a few times a season will not eat the profits of a long day in the water.